Surf Training – Renegade Rows

A great movement for surfers looking to build core strength and stability, while simultaneously improving the all important back (pulling) muscles… gotta get that back strong for some serious paddling, and healthy shoulders. An awesome movement with a wide variety of progressions and regressions.

Surf Exercises – Russian Twist Variation

Surf Exercises and surf workouts need to incorporate rotational training. Here is a slight variation to a great movement, the Upper Body Russian Twist.

Surf Workouts – Circuit Training

Circuit Training for the surfer. A few great surf exercises in a circuit format. Each movement has specific skill/strength carryover to surfing. Get strong, get mobile, and get in the water. Give this circuit a try….. and enjoy!

Surf Workouts – Rotational Exercise

A critical portion of a surf workout or training program is rotational exercise. Core exercises must focus on stabilization and also rotational movement. Build a stable base, and then strengthen your rotational capability.

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