Episode 50 – Salt: Health Benefits and Risks – Healthy Living

Is salt a silent white killer or a Nature’s gift? Are you following a  no salt advice?  Ruben and Aram share a very important information. A must see episode!

6 thoughts on “Episode 50 – Salt: Health Benefits and Risks – Healthy Living

  1. Real salt is great! My family switched to real salt (celtic sea salt, Redmond real salt, and Hawaiian salt are the ones we’ve tried) about six months ago. At the same time we eliminated all processed foods from our diet, so it’s hard to isolate what benefits have come from where in our dietary changes. However, I will say this–real salt just tastes better. And, I don’t get that over salted feeling after having a meal flavored with it. By over salted, I mean that thirsty, dry mouth, heart-racing feeling. Instead, I just enjoy the flavor and even the texture.

    This was a great video blog! I’m going to share it with my FB fans and friends!

  2. Sea salt is not “real salt”. The only salt on the market that is not chemically altered in any way is Himalayan salt (sometimes referred to as Himalayan pink salt). It is mined from a mile below the Earth’s surface and contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential to optimal health. Nothing is added or taken away. All table salt and most sea salts are processed to some extent. If anyone is interested in reading more about this, please visit my website – http://www.YourSaltLamps.com!

    • Jesse i will have to disagree with you on this one. As long as salt has a mineral content that is enough for me to call it a real salt. Now there might be differences in mineral content and color but the bottom line it is still a good salt regardless you call it Himalayan or from Utah. I do agree that Himalayan salt is quite good but there is no need to disregard other salt varieties. Good luck with your business.

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