Episode 267 – Stability Ball Chest Press & Crunch – Healthy Living

Challenge your coordination, core and stability by combining Stability Ball Dumbbell Chest Press and Stability Ball Abdominal Crunch in one exercise. Ruben demonstrates this awesome exercise.

Episode 258 – How to Stretch Your Chest – Healthy Living

Spend too much time slouching when sitting at the desk or driving? Learn how to improve your posture and ease discomfort with these easy-to-do stretches. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge.

Episode 244 – The Key To A Beautiful Chest Is A Strong Back – Healthy Living

Too many chest exercises lead to poor upper body posture and rounded shoulders. Strong and tight chest muscles can pull the shoulders forward. On the opposite note, strong upper back musculature will help you display developed chest and keep it that way forever. Aram and Ruben share few tips.

Episode 234 – Breath Is Life – Healthy Living

Many people believe that they breathe correctly and pay no attention to their breathing patterns. Faulty breathing patterns can negatively affect your health. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge.

Chest/Lats Soft Tissue Work – Foam Rolling

A quick video showing several methods of soft tissue work when attempting to restore optimal shoulder girdle posture. A brief description of the proper methods of foam rolling your latissimus dorsi muscle, and also some tennis ball work on Pec Minor/Major.

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup: Part2 – Progressions

More pushup variations, with emphasis on power, and also shoulder stability. An imperative exercise for the surfer, with many variations to suit performance demands. Great overall core exercise, as well as the ability to focus on power, strength, or stability within various muscle structures.

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup

A description of how to properly perform a pushup, examples of how not to perform pushups, and a few progressions that surfers can begin to impelement in their workout programs.