Surf Exercises – Weakness

What are your limitations? What are your weaknesses? Next time you’re out for a long surf session, consider what muscles could be stronger. What muscles are fatigued and holding back your performance. Consider that, and then strengthen your weakness.

Surfer’s Ankle Mobility

Sufficient ankle mobility is necessary for not only performance enhancement, but is also a crucial piece to knee rehab and lower body injury prevention. Ankle range of motion is easy to improve and a must for any surfer or watersports enthusiast looking to improve his or her performance.

Episode 105 – How to Get Your Butt Into Shape – Healthy Living

We’ve had a lot of questions recently on how to get those buttocks into a better shape. We live in Miami and it is very competitive here :) So Aram and Ruben decided to show you progression of exercises that are guaranteed to get your butt into shape!