Episode 275 – What is Lower Cross Syndrome? – Healthy Living

Lower cross syndrome affects lower parts of our bodies, around hip area and can possibly create lot of pain and discomfort. Ruben shares his wealth.

Episode 271 – How to Do a Single Arm Lat Stretch – Healthy Living

It is a good habit to stretch tight muscles before your workout because you’ll be able to perform exercises out of position of good posture. Tight lats can contribute to a poor posture. Aram shares his favorite lat stretch.

Episode 261 – Essential Hip Mobility: Hip Flexor Stretch – Healthy Living

Tight Hips? Today’s sedentary lifestyle often results in tight hip flexors. Aram and Ruben share very simple stretch that will help you in your everyday life.

Episode 258 – How to Stretch Your Chest – Healthy Living

Spend too much time slouching when sitting at the desk or driving? Learn how to improve your posture and ease discomfort with these easy-to-do stretches. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge.

Hydration For Golf

Dan Hellman gives valuable information regarding hydration for golf and uncovers the dangers of sports drinks.

Yoga and Golf

Dan Hellman gives his take on a yoga practice for the game of golf.

Episode 162 – Regain Mobility of Your Quads, Calves and IT Band – Healthy Living

How often you hear complaints about how tight someone legs get? We hear it a lot! So for those of you that want to remediate those pesky tight muscles, Aram shows how to release your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip and calf musculature easily and effortlessly.

Episode 158 – Two Fantastic Hamstring Stretches – Healthy Living

Many different factors contribute to tight hamstring musculature. It is very important to maintain healthy hamstring flexibility in order to avoid injuries. Aram and Ruben show how.

How Nutrition Affects Flexibility

Dan Hellman gives a simple explanation on how nutrition affects the health of your musculoskeletal system.

9 Point Flexibility Scale Test

Dan Hellman describes the 9 Point Flexibility test and how he uses it when creating exercise programs for his golf clients.