Episode 299 – Good Morning – Healthy Living

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Episode 284 – Lasagna (Grain and Gluten Free) – Healthy Living

Gluten Free Lasagna – finally! We finally got a recipe for lasagna that tastes better then the original. Ruben shares his secrets.

Episode 283 – Baked Apple – Healthy Living

A perfect heart-healthy fall and winter dessert, using crispy apples, dried dates, cinnamon, butter and lemon juice. Aram shares his version of this classic desert.

Episode 277 – Fear of Carbs – Healthy Living

Afraid of Carbohydrates? Carbohydrates have taken a lot of heat in recent years. Aram and Ruben share their side of a story.

Episode 256 – Fresh Meat – Healthy Living

If you swing by the supermarket to pick up a piece of meat for dinner, how long ago was the animal killed? Is Aged Beef good for you? Aram and Ruben share their thoughts.