Episode 288 – Back Strengthening Exercise: Back Extension – Healthy Living

Get in shape with back extension exercise. Excellent for your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. Aram shares how to do it properly and safely.

Single Leg Balance for the Surfer

A few options to begin improving your balance, as well as improving hip, knee, and ankle stability. Implement exercises utilizing single leg stances to really incorporate activiation of your hip stabilizers, and ankle/knee stabilizers. Get those feet and knees strong!

Episode 156 – Improve Your Hip Mobility – Healthy Living

Sedentary lifestyle affects mobility of our hips and restricts our movement. Aram and Ruben share an easy Myofascial release with foam roller for your hip area.

Episode 151 – Power of Rotation: Upper Body Russian Twist – Healthy Living

Learn proper technique and progression steps for this superb rotational exercise. Aram and Ruben lead the way.

Episode 105 – How to Get Your Butt Into Shape – Healthy Living

We’ve had a lot of questions recently on how to get those buttocks into a better shape. We live in Miami and it is very competitive here :) So Aram and Ruben decided to show you progression of exercises that are guaranteed to get your butt into shape!