Episode 163 – So, You Think You’re Healthy – Healthy Living

What is reliable measurement of health? Are you healthy just because you look good? Should you perform an expensive array of tests or there’re simple and effective methods? Aram and Ruben share their wisdom.

Episode 56 – Nature’s most potent superfood: Organ meats – Healthy Living

Conventianl wisdom states that if you want to include more vitamins, minerals and trace elements in your meal then you should consume more fruits and vegetables. What you probobly don’t know is that their micronutrient content pales in comparison to what is found in organ meats. Aram and Ruben share their insight on the most potent superfood.

Episode 28 – Endurance training: Upside and downside – Healthy Living

It is not only what you do but how you do it also. Learn how you can use endurance training to achieve your goal. Ruben and Aram tear it apart for you.

Episode 23 – Cholesterol: Friend Or Foe? – Healthy Living

Do you afraid of high cholesterol? Do you think that cholesterol can cause heart disease? Do you know that Cholesterol-lowering has now become a large global industry worth at least $ 29 billion dollars each year? Aram and Ruben share their view.