Episode 261 – Essential Hip Mobility: Hip Flexor Stretch – Healthy Living

Tight Hips? Today’s sedentary lifestyle often results in tight hip flexors. Aram and Ruben share very simple stretch that will help you in your everyday life.

Surfer’s Thoracic Mobility: Extension/Rotation

Another aspect to thoracic spine mobility. As rotational athletes, surfers require optimal range of motion in extension and rotation through the thoracic spine. This helps to improve paddling performance, but also helps to improve rotational abilities, which will allow for stronger more powerful turns. Improve your thoracic mobility with this movement. Get your body strong, get mobile, and go surf.

Surfer’s Thoracic Mobilizations

Restoring optimal range of motion in the thoracic spine is a necessary step in building functionally strong shoulders, or in the process of alleviating pain/injuries. In this video I address two methods to begin restoring thoracic extension. Get to work, build strong shoulders, a mobile spine, and GO SURF!

Hydration For Golf

Dan Hellman gives valuable information regarding hydration for golf and uncovers the dangers of sports drinks.

Chest/Lats Soft Tissue Work – Foam Rolling

A quick video showing several methods of soft tissue work when attempting to restore optimal shoulder girdle posture. A brief description of the proper methods of foam rolling your latissimus dorsi muscle, and also some tennis ball work on Pec Minor/Major.

Surfer’s Warmup

A full body dynamic warm-up intended for pre-surf movement. Get those joints lubricated, increase your heart rate, and move that muscle tissue.

Front Squats for The Surfer

Several variations of the Front Squat exercise. An excellent exercise with many benefits for the surfer.

Surfer’s Hip Mobility- Dynamic Movements

More dynamic movements designed to increase hip mobility. These movements are also great additions to your warm-up routine. Get optimal hip range of motion, and work on injury prevention.

Surfer’s Hip Mobility-Stretches

An introduction to several stretches that surfers can begin to implement in order to help increase hip mobility and range of motion. Optimal hip mobility is important for not only performance, but also injury prevention.

Episode 165 – Thoracic Rotation for Better Posture – Healthy Living

Spinal rotation is exceptionally important for everyday activities and for the overall health. Aram and Ruben show a variation of Feldenkrais Shoulder/Spine Integrator which will help you maintain and adequate mobility of your spine.