Episode 273 – Fight Pain With Your Posture?: Upper-cross Syndrome – Healthy Living

Upper cross syndrome, often caused by chronic bad posture, is one of the most common faulty upper body imbalances. Learn how to identify, prevent and reverse it.

Episode 260 – Core Conditioning: Inch Worm Exercise – Healthy Living

Exceptional exercise to build overall core musculature and to develop superb core activation and stability. Ruben and Aram share their wealth.

Episode 257 – Improve Your Posture: Levator Scapulae Stretch – Healthy Living

Levator Scapulae raises the shoulder blade. Poor posture, stress and tension keep the shoulders raised, creating increased tension on this muscle. Ruben and Aram share a powerful stretch for this important muscle.

Episode 165 – Thoracic Rotation for Better Posture – Healthy Living

Spinal rotation is exceptionally important for everyday activities and for the overall health. Aram and Ruben show a variation of Feldenkrais Shoulder/Spine Integrator which will help you maintain and adequate mobility of your spine.

Episode 164 – Build Stronger Neck & Shoulders: Shrugs – Healthy Living

Well developed traps are extremely important for stability of neck and shoulder. Unfortunately shrugs are very abused and misunderstood exercise. Aram and Ruben decided to shed some light on this excellent exercise and set the record straight.

Episode 148 – Improve Your Posture: Neck Stretches – Healthy Living

Forward head and rounded shoulders are very common postural deficiencies. Aram and Ruben share few cool stretches to help you correct the imbalance and return to an excellent posture.

Episode 136 – Supine Crawler – Healthy Living

Supine Crawler is another excellent advanced core conditioning exercise. Aram and Ruben share their knowhow so you can perform it safely and effectively.

Episode 129 – Push Up 101 – Healthy Living

Learn to perform a proper push up, identify what factors are involved in making the push up a safe exercise, see what flaws are commonly made that will have your shoulders, neck and lumbar spine suffering unnecessarily. Aram and Ruben show you how you can do push ups with proper form, effortlessly!