Episode 273 – Fight Pain With Your Posture?: Upper-cross Syndrome – Healthy Living

Upper cross syndrome, often caused by chronic bad posture, is one of the most common faulty upper body imbalances. Learn how to identify, prevent and reverse it.

Episode 271 – How to Do a Single Arm Lat Stretch – Healthy Living

It is a good habit to stretch tight muscles before your workout because you’ll be able to perform exercises out of position of good posture. Tight lats can contribute to a poor posture. Aram shares his favorite lat stretch.

Episode 260 – Core Conditioning: Inch Worm Exercise – Healthy Living

Exceptional exercise to build overall core musculature and to develop superb core activation and stability. Ruben and Aram share their wealth.

Episode 235 – Results: Why Some People Achieve Them – And Others Don’t – Healthy Living

Some of us are driven by love, other driven by fear. Pleasure and pain. Ruben and Aram are curious to know what motivates you.

Episode 232 – Back Pain V: McKenzie Press Up – Healthy Living

The McKenzie Press-Up exercise is a very effective tool to address low back pain coming from posteriorly slipped, bulging or herniated discs. This exercise is most often helpful for low back pain that is worse with sitting, driving or bending. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge.

Episode 223 – How To Recover From Injuries Fast – Healthy Living

Chronic injuries are very common in todays sports and also in our everyday life. Aram and Ruben share few tips on how to recover from injuries fast.

Episode 221 – Back Pain IV: Viscerosomatic Reflexes – Healthy Living

Sometimes back pain is just a symptom. Pain arising from one of many organs may be easily felt in the back. Aram and Ruben share their wisdom.

Episode 219 – Back Pain Part III: Gender Specific – Healthy Living

Why do women have back pain more than men? Aram and Ruben share their thoughts.

Episode 215 – Back Pain Part II: Intra-Abdominal Pressure Mechanism – Healthy Living

If you have a back pain, then most likely one day you’ll have to learn about intra-abdominal pressure mechanism. This mechanism is designed to protect your spine naturally without any weightlifting belts or back braces. Aram and Ruben share their wisdom.

Episode 183 – Stronger Back: Bent Over Row – Healthy Living

Bent Over Row is a very important exercise to create a stronger and more stable back. Various grips will target different muscle recruitment patterns. Aram and Ruben share few very useful tips.