Episode 286 – Build A Stronger Back: Kneeling Back Extension – Healthy Living

Want to build a stronger back? Recovering from low back pain? Too weak for basic dead lift? To build a functional back, you need your muscles work in a unison for an extended amount of time. Aram shares an exercise that will help you accomplish just that.

Episode 223 – How To Recover From Injuries Fast – Healthy Living

Chronic injuries are very common in todays sports and also in our everyday life. Aram and Ruben share few tips on how to recover from injuries fast.

Episode 183 – Stronger Back: Bent Over Row – Healthy Living

Bent Over Row is a very important exercise to create a stronger and more stable back. Various grips will target different muscle recruitment patterns. Aram and Ruben share few very useful tips.

Episode 149 – Horse Stance Exercises for Stronger Back – Healthy Living

Very safe and exceptionally effective series of Horse Stance exercises are excellent for rehabilitation of low back pain and in general to create greater stability of your core. Aram and Ruben share another one of their favorite exercises.

Episode 147 – Lower Body Russian Twist – Healthy Living

The Lower Body Russian Twist (LBRT) is a great beginner exercise to strengthen, stretch and mobilize the lumbar spine, easy to learn with lots of benefits. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge on the subject. Begin today to make your back and core feel better and stronger.

Episode 136 – Supine Crawler – Healthy Living

Supine Crawler is another excellent advanced core conditioning exercise. Aram and Ruben share their knowhow so you can perform it safely and effectively.

Episode 83 – Physical Therapy: Are you getting the quality care that you deserve? – Healthy Living

In an era of Managed care, HMO’s, PPO’s, rising costs of rehabilitation, and growing concerns over the quality of care given to patients, some Physical Therapists address the issue by going on their own, so they can actually provide the quality care without the restrictions from insurance companies. In this interview, Dan Hellman PT, C.H.E.K. Faculty, NMT talks about the obstacles that the Physical Therapy profession faces and offers excellent advice for PT’s and Physical Therapy patients alike.

Episode 46 – Embrace the Brain instead of Pain – Healthy Living

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ”No Pain No Gain”. Well, we disagree. Aram and Ruben share  their brain power so you’ll never be in pain.

Episode 43 – Good Ergonomics is Good Economics – Healthy Living

Poor ergonomics can result in occupational illnesses or injuries called musculoskeletal disorders. Learn how to prevent work related injuries with good ergonomics. Aram and Ruben will help you adjust your workplace to fit your needs.