Surf Exercise – Breathing

Are you breathing properly? Improper breathing mechanics can add to shoulder dysfunction, promote fatigue while paddling, and also add to neck problems. Not to mention being vitally important to your endurance capacity! Work on proper breathing mechanics and improve you surf performance and life performance.

Episode 273 – Fight Pain With Your Posture?: Upper-cross Syndrome – Healthy Living

Upper cross syndrome, often caused by chronic bad posture, is one of the most common faulty upper body imbalances. Learn how to identify, prevent and reverse it.

Episode 271 – How to Do a Single Arm Lat Stretch – Healthy Living

It is a good habit to stretch tight muscles before your workout because you’ll be able to perform exercises out of position of good posture. Tight lats can contribute to a poor posture. Aram shares his favorite lat stretch.

Episode 257 – Improve Your Posture: Levator Scapulae Stretch – Healthy Living

Levator Scapulae raises the shoulder blade. Poor posture, stress and tension keep the shoulders raised, creating increased tension on this muscle. Ruben and Aram share a powerful stretch for this important muscle.

Single Leg Balance with Shoulder Stability

Several exercises focusing on proper stabilization of the ankle/knee/hip/core, coupled with some shoulder stability and endurance work. Great exercises to help improve your overall balance, and ability to transfer power through your legs and into your board. Get strong!

Shoulder / Paddling Endurance Work

A sequence of chest tissue mobilizations progressing to a great shoulder and scapular stability exercise. Improves paddling endurance and helps to create a stable shoulder girdle to create power with your paddling strokes.

Episode 190 – Strong Posture: CHEK Press – Healthy Living

To support a perfect posture one must build a strong muscular foundation. Lean how to perform a CHEK Press and build a sound musculature in your upper back and shoulder girdle. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge.

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup: Part2 – Progressions

More pushup variations, with emphasis on power, and also shoulder stability. An imperative exercise for the surfer, with many variations to suit performance demands. Great overall core exercise, as well as the ability to focus on power, strength, or stability within various muscle structures.

Episode 165 – Thoracic Rotation for Better Posture – Healthy Living

Spinal rotation is exceptionally important for everyday activities and for the overall health. Aram and Ruben show a variation of Feldenkrais Shoulder/Spine Integrator which will help you maintain and adequate mobility of your spine.

Episode 164 – Build Stronger Neck & Shoulders: Shrugs – Healthy Living

Well developed traps are extremely important for stability of neck and shoulder. Unfortunately shrugs are very abused and misunderstood exercise. Aram and Ruben decided to shed some light on this excellent exercise and set the record straight.