Episode 286 – Build A Stronger Back: Kneeling Back Extension – Healthy Living

Want to build a stronger back? Recovering from low back pain? Too weak for basic dead lift? To build a functional back, you need your muscles work in a unison for an extended amount of time. Aram shares an exercise that will help you accomplish just that.

Episode 281 – Ascending Squat: Proper Progression – Healthy Living

After you master the bodyweight squats, you can venture into more complex and exciting squats. Ruben shares proper progression to this very important Primal Pattern ™.

Episode 274 – Descending Squat: Simple and Easy Regression – Healthy Living

Can’t do a basic bodyweight squat? Not problem. Ruben shares a simple exercise regression that will get you squatting in no time.

Surfer’s Single Leg Squats

Several variations of single leg movements for improving strength and stability. A basic version, and a progressed version are both shown. Great movements for the surfer interested in performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Episode 259 – Lunge to Get Strong Legs – Healthy Living

If you want a strong, sexy, fully functional, sensational-looking, and fit legs then start lunging. Aram and Ruben lead the way.

Surfer’s Warmup

A full body dynamic warm-up intended for pre-surf movement. Get those joints lubricated, increase your heart rate, and move that muscle tissue.

Episode 161 – Kettlebell Swing: Efficient and Effective – Healthy Living

A kettlebell swing is a great choice of exercise to strengthen the core, posterior chain muscles and develop back endurance. Aram and Ruben share another piece of their knowledge.

Episode 138 – Overhead Squat – Healthy Living

Overhead Squat is very efficient and challenging core conditioning exercise. Aram and Ruben will teach you how to perform this exercise to the best of your abilities.

Episode 118 – You don’t know Squat – Healthy Living

The squat it is known as the king of all exercises, often times people have a fear of squatting, due to back or knee pain, Aram and Ruben share their approach on how to make sure your body mechanics are properly align to make it a successful and pain free super exercise.

Episode 90 – Primal patterns®- Healthy Living

Paul Chek describes Primal Patterns® as an essential movement patterns that are required for survival in one’s natural habitat. Aram and Ruben share their thoughts on why is it important to include them in your workouts.