Surf Training – Renegade Rows

A great movement for surfers looking to build core strength and stability, while simultaneously improving the all important back (pulling) muscles… gotta get that back strong for some serious paddling, and healthy shoulders. An awesome movement with a wide variety of progressions and regressions.

Episode 259 – Lunge to Get Strong Legs – Healthy Living

If you want a strong, sexy, fully functional, sensational-looking, and fit legs then start lunging. Aram and Ruben lead the way.

Single Leg Balance with Shoulder Stability

Several exercises focusing on proper stabilization of the ankle/knee/hip/core, coupled with some shoulder stability and endurance work. Great exercises to help improve your overall balance, and ability to transfer power through your legs and into your board. Get strong!

Shoulder / Paddling Endurance Work

A sequence of chest tissue mobilizations progressing to a great shoulder and scapular stability exercise. Improves paddling endurance and helps to create a stable shoulder girdle to create power with your paddling strokes.

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup: Part2 – Progressions

More pushup variations, with emphasis on power, and also shoulder stability. An imperative exercise for the surfer, with many variations to suit performance demands. Great overall core exercise, as well as the ability to focus on power, strength, or stability within various muscle structures.

Episode 153 – Training to be a Desk Jockey – Healthy Living

Vast majority of population spend most of their time at the computer with less then optimal posture. Aram and Ruben share their secrets on how and what exercises to incorporate into your training program so you’ll be able to maintain a better posture throughout your work day.

Episode 152 – Challenge yourself: Prone Bridge – Healthy Living

This is an exercise that will challenge you to new levels of balance, coordination and strength. Find out how to do it right. Aram and Ruben share their knowledge.

Episode 133 – Supine Lateral Ball Roll Progression – Healthy Living

This is an excellent full body exercises that requires balance, stability, coordination, strength and endurance. Aram and Ruben show you basic progression and highlight the key points for proper execution, so you can look like a pro after you master it.