Episode 286 – Build A Stronger Back: Kneeling Back Extension – Healthy Living

Want to build a stronger back? Recovering from low back pain? Too weak for basic dead lift? To build a functional back, you need your muscles work in a unison for an extended amount of time. Aram shares an exercise that will help you accomplish just that.

Episode 280 – Excuses Begone! – Healthy Living

Tired of justifying procrastination and inaction? Still playing the blame game? It’s time to confront your fears and silence the critics. Aram and Ruben share their concepts to eliminate excuses and achieve your dreams.

Episode 278 – Core Conditioning: Kneeling on the Stability Ball – Healthy Living

Excellent exercise for core conditioning, balance and coordination. Aram shares few tips on how to get you balancing on the ball in a very short period of time.

Episode 275 – What is Lower Cross Syndrome? – Healthy Living

Lower cross syndrome affects lower parts of our bodies, around hip area and can possibly create lot of pain and discomfort. Ruben shares his wealth.

Episode 274 – Descending Squat: Simple and Easy Regression – Healthy Living

Can’t do a basic bodyweight squat? Not problem. Ruben shares a simple exercise regression that will get you squatting in no time.

Episode 273 – Fight Pain With Your Posture?: Upper-cross Syndrome – Healthy Living

Upper cross syndrome, often caused by chronic bad posture, is one of the most common faulty upper body imbalances. Learn how to identify, prevent and reverse it.

Episode 272 – Are You Overtraining? – Healthy Living

If you train beyond the body’s ability to recover, you will experience decreased performance and will have a much greater chance of injuring yourself. Aram and Ruben share their insight on causes of overtraining and how to avoid it.

Surf Exercises – Weakness

What are your limitations? What are your weaknesses? Next time you’re out for a long surf session, consider what muscles could be stronger. What muscles are fatigued and holding back your performance. Consider that, and then strengthen your weakness.

Episode 265 – Shape Up Your Legs: Curtsy Lunges – Healthy Living

Take the plunge! Try the Curtsy Lunge. This exercise is sure to please, and if performed correctly … you will feel it for a few days! Ruben demonstrates how to perform this versatile move.

Episode 264 – Hip Power: Kettlebell Clean – Healthy Living

The more you load your hips, the more power you generate. The more power you generate, the faster you go. Aram demonstrates an exercise that will help you to do just that.