Surf Training – Renegade Rows

A great movement for surfers looking to build core strength and stability, while simultaneously improving the all important back (pulling) muscles… gotta get that back strong for some serious paddling, and healthy shoulders. An awesome movement with a wide variety of progressions and regressions.

Surf Workouts – Circuit Training

Circuit Training for the surfer. A few great surf exercises in a circuit format. Each movement has specific skill/strength carryover to surfing. Get strong, get mobile, and get in the water. Give this circuit a try….. and enjoy!

Chest/Lats Soft Tissue Work – Foam Rolling

A quick video showing several methods of soft tissue work when attempting to restore optimal shoulder girdle posture. A brief description of the proper methods of foam rolling your latissimus dorsi muscle, and also some tennis ball work on Pec Minor/Major.

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup

A description of how to properly perform a pushup, examples of how not to perform pushups, and a few progressions that surfers can begin to impelement in their workout programs.

Surfer’s Hip Mobility-Stretches

An introduction to several stretches that surfers can begin to implement in order to help increase hip mobility and range of motion. Optimal hip mobility is important for not only performance, but also injury prevention.